Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Wayne Russell & Associates LLC’s management and most of our Associates are Lean Six Sigma Black Belts or Green Belts.  This means that we have been trained and certified in Lean Six Sigma, its tools and methodologies that have been so successful in process improvement, defect reduction and the streamlining of companies around the globe over the past 25+ years.

Here are some of the tools and techniques:

                                                Affinity Diagrams
                                                Process mapping
                                                Spaghetti Diagrams
                                                Swim-lane Flowcharts
                                                Value Stream mapping
                                                Value-Add and Non-Value-Add
                                                Time Value maps
                                                Voice of the Customer (VOC)
                                                Kano Analysis
                                                Data Collection
                                                Variation Analysis
                                                Pareto Charts
                                                5 Why's
                                                Cause and Effect Diagrams
                                                Pull Systems
                                                Work Cells
                                                Visual Process Controls
                                                One Piece Flow
                                                And Much More................