WRA Knows Healthcare Productivity or HPC is a division of Wayne Russell & Associates LLC and was formed to partner with and assist hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient service providers and private medical practices with financial and operational improvements.  Our services decrease costs by eliminating waste and by improving operational efficiency, while increasing the quality of patient care and improving patient satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide professional, high quality and high energy healthcare consulting services by implementing improvements that will result in immediate and long-term savings and benefits, which exceed expectations.

Our process usually starts with an assessment where we help you to pinpoint or confirm problem areas such as:  departmental performance, registration issues, scheduling, care quality, poor communication, staffing issues, or other areas needing improvement within your organization.



  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Flow
  • Signage
  • Escorts


  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Physician Satisfaction
  • Physician Liaison


  • Organization
  • Service Line Development
  • Staffing Development
  • Educational Programs
  • Communication Improvement
  • Employee Recognition
  • Career Paths<


  • Equipment Assessment
  • 5-Year Equipment Replacement Plan
  • Proforma Services
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Space Planning


  • Department Operational Assessment
  • Productivity Management
  • Quality Monitoring Tool
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Imaging Center Development
  • Financial Analysis of New Services
  • Projecting Market Area Volume Potential
  • Improving Inter-Departmental Communications
  • Physician Referral Analysis/Tracking Tools

Additional peripheral services include:  Customer service training, Daily productivity management, Management tools, Physician office staff engagement, Procedure volume forecasting, Productivity management, Radiology, Services expansion and more.

We are experts in utilizing lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping to document the "Current State" and then utilizing our collective real world experience to develop potential improvement options for the "future state".  We help clear bottlenecks to productivity and establish or refine procedures.  Our development training will ensure long lasting permanent solutions for your organization.


Wayne Russell, President
Donna Dorsey, Senior Associate
Randell Jones, Senior Associate

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Please contact us for a confidential, no cost or obligation discussion of your improvement needs or to set up a meeting to discuss them.

Healthcare Productivity Consultants
Randell Jones - 606-422-3454
Wayne Russell - 615-708-1224