The following are a few examples of actual client results provide during an engagement.


RV Manufacturer - 532% ROI
532% First Years Return on Investment.

Designed and implemented the progressive Line-Flow method of sanding, prepping and painting motorhomes.

Identified and solved major bottleneck in the coach painting process thereby increasing quality and thru-put, decreasing WIP and overtime

Identified and eliminated the over-use and wasting of expensive clearcoat, sealer and vinyl wash.


Automotive Supplier - 277% ROI
277% First Years Return on Investment.

Time studied and optimized manufacturing cells by balancing the work between operators, increased the machine speeds and increased cell output.

Identified and eliminated wasteful/unnecessary work and improved the workplace methods.

Trained all supervisors in Time Study which included classroom and shop floor proof of proficiency in doing a time study, checking and verifying machine cycle times and standard methods


RV Manufacturer - 261% ROI
261% First Years Return on Investment.

Eliminated unnecessary Overtime.

Implemented techniques to reuse and to reduce the wasting of very expensive raw materials.

Designed and implemented the first Lean manufacturing cells in the Cabinet Shop.

During virtually every engagement there are associated tasks that are performed as a service by us that may not directly result in bottom line savings but are a necessary or a convenient relief to further help the client progress.

Some examples would be:

Review resumes and assist in the interview and selection process when hiring Industrial Engineers or other technical employees.

Working with vendors to negotiate lower prices on essential and usually expensive raw materials.

Special project management, planning and cost tracking.

Identifying problem employees or managers who are found to be serious hindrances or roadblocks to progress or change or in some cases unscrupulous activities or practices.

In addition, the following are the "TYPICAL RESULTS" of implementing Lean in virtually any environment:

Reduction in floor space requirements
Reduction of lead time
Reduction of inventory
Reduction of scrap/defects/waste/errors
Reduction of labor costs
Reduction of operating costs

Increase in capacity
Increase in productivity
Increase in quality

And much more